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Edible Products in a Variety of Flavors 

We offer plenty of edible options in a variety of flavors and forms. Our edible products include gummies, cannabutter, drinks, baked goods, candy, extracts/edible oils, and even chocolate! 

Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

Many individuals are discovering the benefits of ingesting cannabis edibles, but the cannabis experience can vary between people and products. Some of the possible therapeutic benefits include reduced anxiety, decreased nausea, muscle pain relief, and improved sleep. 

Additional Products

If a marijuana gummy or baked goods aren’t your thing, Crafted 7 has numerous additional products. Choose from concentrates, prerolls, flowers, all-in-one disposables and cartridges. We also have a selection of vape batteries and weed accessories, including a 3.5-inch glass spoon pipe. Crafted 7 offers many ways for you to experience the potent effects of cannabis, and they’re all available for same day delivery!

Order Now for Convenient Same-Day Cannabis Delivery in Anaheim

Why trek out to a storefront when you can sit on your couch in your pajamas with your pets at your feet, order some pizza and have Crafted 7 bring cannabis products right to your Anaheim home or even your hotel or resort? Crafted 7 delivers to the wider Anaheim area, including the Disneyland area, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, Orange, Stanton, Garden Grove, Placentia, Yorba Linda and Buena Park. 

You must be 18-plus for medicinal cannabis or 21-plus for recreational use, and a valid ID is required. Call Crafted 7 now to learn more about delivery from Monday through Saturday, or place your order online!

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