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FOREVER A 3.2 with 47 reviews?

UPDATE to the Google Review damage

It's me, Dawn and I am back - I feel like this blog is just negative energy but please do not interpret this as such - this is merely informative of what not just our business goes thru but many others.

We have had 3 more reviews removed - did spend time researching which reviews? No, as I have been responding repeatedly to Google Support that the reviews are FAKE and they respond that they cannot be removed.

I have OVER explained why they are in direct violation of Google's policies but to no avail - here we are sitting at 3.2 with 47 reviews.

So here for the past week since our reinstatement of our Google My Business profile, we have pleading with our customers - Please give us an honest review of our services. Some we have explained what we have be dealing with, especially our repeating customers and they are gladly willing to review us. Turns out that ANY review - Good or Bad is not posting! This was discovered when a repeating customer who left a recent review said to the business owner, "Hey man, I left a review but I don't see it today." This was yesterday, March 11, 2022 - this was during delivery so we asked if her if she would not mind posting again while we were there. She typed it in, posted and then we checked our reviews - and to our surprise ... NOTHING. No review!! So all those who have attempted to help us with our rating in the past week - your posts are not there.

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