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The Best Anaheim Dispensary Near Disneyland

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Anaheim Dispensary Near Disneyland

Looking For The Best Dispensary Near Disneyland?

Going to Disneyland is always fun…mostly for the kids; but if you’re an adult looking for a good time, you might not have to go all that far away from the happiest place on Earth.

Since the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use in California, local dispensaries and weed delivery services have been on the rise.

Whether you're looking for CBD or THC products you can get a wide variety of premium marijuana products delivered to you quickly and discreetly!

Anyone in or near Anaheim looking for a dispensary near Disneyland can find:

  • cannabis flower

  • edibles

  • concentrates

  • vaporizer cartridges

  • CBD products & more

Regardless of the fact that Disney does not allow smoking or cannabis in their theme parks - with Crafted 7's weed delivery service, you can order weed to be delivered directly to you!

So, if you’re in the Anaheim area and of legal age, you’re in luck! In this article, we will be covering the best Anaheim dispensary near Disneyland and all you need to know about it.

Marijuana Dispensaries v. Marijuana Delivery

Gone are the days when you had to drive or travel to another location to satisfy your marijuana cravings. Since legalization, you can simply get cannabis products delivered right to your doorstep! Crafted 7's weed delivery service is one such dispensary that delivers near Disneyland (and the surrounding Anaheim area).


As opposed to visiting a sketchy dispensary, you can skip the hassle and simply order your cannabis products for delivery!

If you're looking for a dispensary that delivers locally, our Anaheim dispensary near Disneyland is ready to take care of ALL your cannabis needs. Our cannabis products come in tons of forms! Below is a short list of all the products we offer:

Concentrates Chocolate Edibles Gummy Edibles Indica Flower Sativa Flower Hybrid Flower

Pre-Rolls Vape Pods Vape Cartridges Disposable Vapes CBD Vapes CBD Pets

Crafted 7's Products

Not interested in smoking or making your own edibles from scratch?

Crafted 7's Product Benefits

Now, you can buy weed gummies, canna oils, mint-like strips, and so much more. If you aren’t looking to get high but rather reap the cannabis health benefits of CBD, our top rated Anaheim weed delivery service has you covered!

Of course, cannabis has TONS of benefits from being an incredible pain reliever, a stress reliever, and it has also shown some amazing benefits for treating anxiety and depression, among other mental illnesses.

Crafted 7 takes the hassle out of buying weed. Rather than visiting a local weed dispensary in Anaheim you can get your marijuana products delivered straight to your door!

We deliver quality sourced cannabis products to customers living or visiting near Disneyland, Anaheim,CA. We also provide our cannabis delivery service to all surrounding cities.

With our wide variety of marijuana products and delivery options, we make sure you get what you need, when you need it. You can also contact our team during business hours if you have any questions or specific requests.


Can you bring edibles into Disneyland?

  • The Anaheim theme park does not currently allow marijuana or smoking at any time within their resort.

Is it safe to purchase marijuana products online?

  • Yes! When ordering from Crafted 7 you can rest assured that all our marijuana products are sourced from licensed growers using organic farming practices and tested by independent third-party labs to ensure they meet legal standards for potency and purity. All orders are shipped in unmarked packaging with discreet shipping labels so nobody will know what’s inside except you! Furthermore, all transactions are securely processed through SSL encryption technology for maximum security.

Find high-quality weed near you at reasonable prices...

Anaheim is a hot spot for tourists looking to take a break from the parks and indulge in some green. If you're one of those tourists, you'll want to check out Crafted 7 - the best Anaheim dispensary near Disneyland. Here, you can find high-quality weed at reasonable prices, making it the perfect place to stock up. And with friendly staff members who are always happy to help, you're sure to have a great experience when you order. Although Crafted 7 delivers weed near Disneyland we also serve the Orange County area too!

Simply click the button below to view our extensive menu. There is something for everyone.

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