Alien Cookies - SPUTNIK Exotic - (3.5g) (Indica Leaning) // THC - 27.78%

Alien Cookies - SPUTNIK Exotic - (3.5g) (Indica Leaning) // THC - 27.78%


E.T. phone home!!


Although its not that alien, we do have an exotic cross between Alien Dawg x Girl Scout Cookies that brings you a flavor profile out of this world. It is said to be pungent in vanilla and earthy tones that leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. Well at least that's how it starts out. Right after the initial waves of happiness, you get lunged into a couch lock and a hungry sensation. With appetite loss only being one, chronic pain, muscle spasms and anxiety are all ailments that can be treated with this strain. Its hard to find Alien Cookies so make sure to get your hands on it sooner rather than later.


Potent and pure premium indoor cannabis flower selected to ensure the best quality smoking experience for all cannabis user levels.

  • About this strain: Alien Cookies

    Alien Cookies is a cross between Aliendawg and GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies), reportedly originated by the cannabis breeder Jaws Genetics. Although this Alien Cookies cultivar doesn’t appear to be readily available in seed or clone form, the strain is said to have a pungent, earthy, sweet vanilla flavor profile and heavy trichome production.

    Twisty Treat Seeds also made an Alien Cookies with different genetics than the Jaws Genetics version, but they also seem to have discontinued that strain.