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Animal Cookies | West Coast Cure 1g Pre-Roll (Indica Dominant)

Animal Cookies | West Coast Cure 1g Pre-Roll (Indica Dominant)


THC - 27%


Animal Cookies CUREjoint (ACCJ) from West Coast Cure represents an Indica leaning hybrid that’s a beastly smoke. Offering an intoxicating high thanks to its celebrated genetics, the joint’s therapeutic attributes represent an intriguing cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. A sure fire hit for the experienced consumers, WCC’s Animal Cookies Joint retains the flower’s sweet and sour aroma. FYI, because of its Indica dominance, this joint produces a relaxing, almost pharmaceutical effect.


This hybridized cross is a perfect treat for anyone looking for potent medicine and amazing flavor. With sweet vanilla and sour gassy undertones, it’s sure to satisfy. 


* West Coast Cure CUREjoint is tested in compliance with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.

Pre Roll *Animal Cookies *CBD *Earthy *Euphoric *Focused *Happy *Hybrid *Lift Your Spirits *Motivate Your Mind *Relaxed *Sweet *THC *THCA *Uplifted *Vanilla


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