Banana Smoothie - Kurvana 0.5g CBD 5:1:5 All-In-One

Banana Smoothie - Kurvana 0.5g CBD 5:1:5 All-In-One


CBD All-In-One - Banana Smoothie 5:1:5

Infused Hybrid / Fruity, Sweet, Tropical


A balanced CBD:THC ratio blended with signature notes that are reminiscent of the desirable taste of a banana smoothie.


CBD: Our reformulated ratio line goes beyond CBD and THC, harnessing the entire wellness potential of the cannabis plant. Each blend features our signature live whole plant extract paired with a unique ratio of cannabis terpenes, key cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, and other essential bioactive ingredients that work in synergy to provide the ultimate wellness benefits.


All-In-One: Our ready to use All-In-One is back and better than ever. Known for its patented signature look, precise delivery, and compact design we’ve made significant updates to deliver breakthrough performance with ultra portability.

  • Total Cannabinoids 81.17%

    CBD 36.64%  : CBG 7.33% : THC 36.64%