Cherry AK - Glass House Farms 3.5g (Sativa)

Cherry AK - Glass House Farms 3.5g (Sativa)


This well-known, sweet-citrus strain is a daytime delight, offering an energizing boost right out of the chamber. Thanks to its trademark mix of sweet and pine terpenes, Cherry AK kicks off with a cerebral bang that keeps you engaged, active, and focused, making it the perfect accompaniment to creative pursuits. Whether that involves a backyard pool party, a burst of inspiration, or a reflective walkabout in the woods, Cherry AK is one of cannabis’ most reliable tools for elevating your consciousness. 


Feelings: cerebral, focus, euphoria


Sativa Strains

The name “Sativa” was once considered to be an accurate description for ALL cannabis, and taxonomically speaking, it’s still the botanical name for all varietals. We expect that to change in the near future. The strains typically have narrower leaves and grow taller than Indica strains due to the climate where they evolved. The higher humidity and temperature are required for the plants to stretch for increased airflow between the flowers.


Some scientists now consider there to be more than the commonly known 3 varietals (Sativa, Indica, and hybrid) and have begun grouping different cultivars into what are now several chemotypes (THC-dominant, CBD-dominant with low THC, CBD dominant with no THC, mixed dominance, myrcene-dominant, limonene and caryophyllene-dominant, terpinolene-dominant, and more).  Experienced cannabis users would likely agree that we need even more nuance than the existing categories and scientific knowledge currently allow.

We recommend making notes of which cultivars or strains work best for you, since everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different and different cultivars will affect each individual uniquely.


Physical Effects of Sativa Strains

In recent years, the strains have been stereotyped as strains or cultivars that have uplifting, euphoric properties, typically used for depression, enhancing creativity, and mood regulation. However, Sativa strains (and Indicas) are better classified by their physical characteristics and growth patterns than they are for their effects.


Flavor: sweet-cherry, mint, earthy


Usage: Energizer Battery, daytime pick-me-up, finishing that novel


Lineage: Cherry Phenotype from AK47 strain