Dime Og - Dime 1.0g Cartridge Indica

Dime Og - Dime 1.0g Cartridge Indica

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Our own OG strain was created by crossing Jet Fuel, Hardcore OG, and True OG. The flavor profile is meant to remind users of that picture perfect OG, like the one you could smell through a dime bag. With diesel, lemon, pine and sweet notes, this will quickly become one of your favorite flavors. Even though Dime OG is a heavy indica, the Jet Fuel will lift you off into that dream-like state and have you “thinking higher”.


Genetics: Jet Fuel x True OG x Hardcore OG

Effects: Happy, Sleepy, Euphoric

Prevalent Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene Oxide


True OG was bred by the team at Northern California’s Elemental Seeds in the mid-2000s. Breeders self-pollinated a high-quality OG Kush strain until they achieved a perfect blend of flavor and effects.


Their efforts paid off -- since 2010, True OG won multiple cannabis cup awards, including first place for Best Indica. It was also named one of the top 10 strains of the year by High Times in 2015.


We use negative -40 degree ethanol for our method of extraction. It is then filtered, winterized and terpene stripped before the final wiped film distillation.  This results in the cleanest most potent product possible. 


Once we have pure cannabinoids, we reintroduce cannabis derived terpenes, a small amount of botanical and natural fruit derived terpenes to enhance the overall flavor and experience.


Our Live Reserve line is a mixture of High Terpene Extract and Liquid Diamonds.  This retains the natural profile of the strain while maintaining the high potency you expect from Dime.