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Fatso | GoldDrop 1g THCA Micro Diamonds

Fatso | GoldDrop 1g THCA Micro Diamonds




Our THCa Micro Diamonds are pure testing 88%-95% THC. Spike your flower, and joints, use them for cooking and infusing foods, and mix them with your saucy dabs to increase the potency and experience. Pure THCa is the perfect cannabinoid to help treat inflammation and pain.

  • GoldDrops® White Gold Concentrates is setting the standard for quality vs price. Sourcing only the best flower for extraction, we discover some of the most amazing cannabis material in the state. It’s this starting material that makes the White Gold line such a high-quality product. What makes this line unique is its many different consistencies. Ranging from Badders, Frosting, Diamonds, Sugars, and THCa isolate.

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