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Iced Tea Lemonade | Uncle Arnie's (100mg)

Iced Tea Lemonade | Uncle Arnie's (100mg)


Packed with 100mg of THC in every 8oz bottle, Uncle Arnies is a trip worth taking man....

The #1 selling Cannabis-Infused Beverage in CA, there's good reason it's flying off the shelves.


Our Iced Tea Lemonade will leaving you with a sweet and sour taste we all look for on the hot summer days. Everyone loves a classic and theres nothing more classic then Sweet tea and lemonade. All our Products are Nano infused for a 20-40 minute onset time.

  • ******* Uncle Arnies Is a 100mg highly potent beverage.*******

    Looking to get high? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the world of Uncle Arnies

    Uncle Arnie is all about keeping it extra on the easy with his cannabis and making his Beverages and other products accessible, extremely affordablefast acting and HIGHLY potent.

    All of Uncle Arnies products are Nano-molecular baby! What does this mean? All his products go through a process called nano-emulsification to make the THC molecules super duper small so they suspend in liquid products evenly for a consistent high. The THC molecules being super duper small also allows the body to process up to 80-90% of the THC within 20-40 minutes. Regular NON-nano Edibles or drinkables only allows up to 50% of the THC to be absorbed in the body within 90 minutes.

    When Consuming Uncle Arnies products he suggest taking the legal dose of 10mg, wait 20 - 30 minutes for the effects and consume more based on how you feel.

    Consume wisely, friends!

    Uncle Arnies has plenty more Drink flavors coming soon! Check in at for all the deets!

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