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Julius Cesar | Chela - Indoor - 3.5g Jar (Indica Dominant)

Julius Cesar | Chela - Indoor - 3.5g Jar (Indica Dominant)

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Julius Caesar is a strain produced by crossing SFV OG Kush with SoCal Master Kush. Julius Caesar has a very powerful effect on your system. Its high calms you down and makes you feel euphoric, happy and sleepy. It also stimulates hunger and makes you feel hungry, making you munch on snacks. It has a mild strain that is not overpowering at all. Julius Caesar has a tropical flavor that is a blend of earthy, mint, diesel, sweet and berry tastes that make it a pleasant strain to smoke. Due to its relaxing effect on your body, Julius Caesar is a good antidote for depression, stress and anxiety of different kinds. People suffering from headaches, pain and nausea can also rely on this strain for getting relief from their troubles.


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