Mango Kush - P2 - PUREXTACTS 1g Cartridge (Indica)

Mango Kush - P2 - PUREXTACTS 1g Cartridge (Indica)


Mango Kush is a tropical end to a long day. This potent indica has quickly become a favorite of P2 fans all across California.


P2's high potency cartridges feature the most accurate strain profiles formulated from a custom blend of 40-60 terpenes. These carefully curated formulations are high in quality, pack a potent punch, and offer True to Strain experiences without breaking the bank.


About this strain: Mango Kush


The exact origins of Mango Kush are shrouded in mystery, though online sources believe the cultivar to be a combination of Mango, a strain by KC Brains, and the infamous Hindu Kush.


Regardless of its lineage, Mango Kush is loved by consumers for its strong tropical flavors and body effects, most likely due to its high levels of myrcene.