Purple Cookies - SPUTNIK Exotic - (3.5g) (Hybrid - Indica Dom) // THC - 28.15%

Purple Cookies - SPUTNIK Exotic - (3.5g) (Hybrid - Indica Dom) // THC - 28.15%


There are many who believe that Purple Cookies derives from the legendary GDP strain, but who can be sure right?


What we know is that we have a cross between Cookies and a dominant Purp strain that brings a very unique, level-headed, sedative experience. Enjoy this creamy cookie flavor with a sweet grape influence that effects hit the mind and body with waves of happiness, and relaxation that put you in a state of slight sedation. Due to its effects on the body Purple Cookies is perfect for treating conditions such as insomnia, appetite loss, depression, and chronic pain.


Potent and pure premium indoor cannabis flower selected to ensure the best quality smoking experience for any level cannabis user.


  • About this strain: Granddaddy Purple

    Granddaddy Purple, also known as Grandaddy Purp or GDP, is a hybrid that was first propagated in Northern California in 2003 by breeder Ken Estes. A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, GDP was then backcrossed into itself.

    Granddaddy Purple has an average THC content of roughly 17 percent, and is typically high in Caryophyllene, alpha-Pinene, and Humulene. Like most indicas, this strain has been reported to help you relax and sleep, making it perfect for day or nighttime.

    A genetic winner, GDP’s buds won first place in 2015 at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup for Best U.S. Indica.