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Rolls Choice | Emerald Bay Extracts - 100mg Tablets - Sativa - 1000mg

Rolls Choice | Emerald Bay Extracts - 100mg Tablets - Sativa - 1000mg


Rolls Choice Tablets offer more than just a sumptuous indulgence; they boast a repertoire of powerful medicinal effects. As you partake in this exquisite strain, feel the weight of the world melt away as tension and stress dissipate. Rolls Choice lavishes your mind with a profound sense of clarity and focus, helping you find inspiration and creativity within. Embrace its potent pain-relieving properties as they caress your body, soothing minor discomforts and restoring balance to your being. With a gentle wave of euphoria, this strain embraces you in a warm embrace, lifting your spirits and leaving you feeling elated. Elevate your senses and embrace the pinnacle of cannabis luxury with Rolls Choice THC Tablets.


Strain dossier

There’s no better strain than Rolls Choice for completely disconnecting from your cares and worries, and reconnecting to a deeper realm of mental clarity and spiritual truth. Rolls Choice profoundly affects your state of mind, making some users feel comfortably numb and others ecstatically connected. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect strain to take on a mountain hike or you want to enhance your enjoyment of a beach day, Rolls Choice is the choice to make whenever you immerse your mind and spirit in the natural realm.


Applicable conditions

Whether depression or any other type of weight has your mind held down, Rolls Choice will roll the pressure off and let the light shine back in. Gently orienting your perception toward the source of all good, Rolls Choice changes the way you see things, making worries seem fleeting and kicking pain to the curb. The perfect strain for introspection and philosophical musing, Rolls Choice also has a way of making its users the life of the party.


Specific effects

Rolls Choice is one of the most mentally uplifting sativas we’ve ever come across. By hunting down this rare phenotype, we’ve made it possible for patients to experience the irreplaceable and unmistakable waft of sativa uplift that is Rolls Choice. You’ll feel uplifted — if not fully transported — by this strain, relied upon by many as a lifeline when navigating the challenging pathways of the mind.

  • Emerald Bay Extracts was founded in 2017 by Stanford oncology and ICU nurse, Casey, and her partner Thomas. Casey saw a need to improve quality of life in her patients suffering from chronic pain, tremors and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

    We prepare full-spectrum RSO oil in syringes and tablets for oral consumption. Our products allow for specific dosages required by many medical patients. All of our products are strain-specific Indica, Sativa, CBD, CBG and various Hybrids. Using a science-based approach, we tailor our products for individuals with a range of symptoms, ailments and conditions. 

    Emerald Bay Extracts develops products using pesticide-free, heavy metal-free, and microbial-free, triple-tested cannabis plants. Flower is hand-selected from small-batch farms in Mendocino, Humboldt and across the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Material is tested before entering our facility, and two more times before reaching the consumer. Our full-spectrum RSO oil is then packaged into 1 gram syringes, as well as 10mg, 25mg, 50mg tablets.

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