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Skywalker OG | West Coast CUREjoint 1g (Indica)

Skywalker OG | West Coast CUREjoint 1g (Indica)


THC - 27.3%


The Skywalker OG Cured Joint from West Coast Cure has been skillfully produced from a Sativa leaning phenotype. Sourced from some of California’s best state complaint cultivators, the strain is a hybridized cross between the ever-popular Skywalker and OG Kush. A revered strain with the ability to inspire creativity late in the day, the Skywalker OG Joint from WCC provides a great 4:20 treat. Inspired yet relaxing, this joint of Skywalker OG is more of a daytime smoke.   The joint throws off an aroma of kushed-out spice and earth with hints of citrus as it’s unleashed from the sealed container. And when lit, ripped and consumed, this joint provides a clear, vibrant, and relaxing mindset.   * West Coast Cure Cured Joints are tested in compliance with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.

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