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Watermelon Sugar High | Turn 1g Pod (Indica Dominant)

Watermelon Sugar High | Turn 1g Pod (Indica Dominant)

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$38.00Sale Price

February Sale - 1g Turn Botan. Pod10

Vacation’s all I ever wanted…! Sweet and refreshing with a distinctive fruity flavor that’ll whisk you somewhere tropical, this smooth operator has been known to relax and stimulate. Get ready to have a deep philosophical chat or bust out the hammock and watch the clouds go by. This versatile strain is popular for sparking new ideas or getting a fresh perspective on old ones.


farm to table - happiness - summer soundtrack


turn botanica blends


You'll only get clean, fresh, guaranteed pure California goodness from seed to pen. Choose from a wide selection of our high potency, exclusive, hand-curated botanica blend formulations to get the perfect floaty feeling you're looking for.


// oil highlights //
Single source
California fresh grown
Tested and verified clean
Vegan, non-GMO, ultra pure
Natural botanical terpenes 


turn pods are crafted with care + maximum intention


What's worse than incredible oil ruined by a pen that's too hot or not hot enough?

Paying $$ for it. We engineered turn pods to treat your oil like the VIP it is.

Precise heating tech treats various viscosities. No buttons, no guesswork, no user error. Perfectly calibrated design for free and easy airflow.



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