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Westside OG | Chela - Indoor - 3.5g Jar (Indica)

Westside OG | Chela - Indoor - 3.5g Jar (Indica)


This OG features your favorite earthy, piney, and lemony spice with each exhale, which give you a few minutes of warning before a heavy-hitting physical stone blows all five senses.

The strain’s dominant terpenes include Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene. From the onset, the strain gives off a funky, spicy aroma that creates a sensation of bitter hops and spices, like cloves and pepper (that’s the Myrcene). Limonene and Pinene offer up hunky whiffs of outdoorsy aromas like pine and citrus. Terpenes present in smaller amounts include Linalool and Humulene, adding wood-like and lavender aromas to the mix. Westside OG’s nugs are thick with sticky resin, foretelling the sweet and spicy flavors inside.


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