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Harlequin GDP | Emerald Bay Extracts - 25mg Tablets - Balanced - 1000mg

Harlequin GDP | Emerald Bay Extracts - 25mg Tablets - Balanced - 1000mg


1000mg per Package | 25mg per Tablet | 40 Tablets per Package


Description: Harlequin is a high-CBD strain of cannabis known for its low psychoactive effects and potential medicinal properties. It is often used to help manage pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other conditions. Granddaddy Purple (GDP) is a popular Indica strain of cannabis known for its deep purple coloration and relaxing effects. It has a high THC content and is often used for its potent pain-relieving properties. Together these two strains make a potent 1:1 that is great for daytime use. Users report increased mood, decreased pain as well as stress relief.


Best For: Pairs well with listening to the birds chirp and a nice walk in the woods


Cannabinoids: 400mg THC | 600mg CBD

  • Emerald Bay Extracts was founded in 2017 by Stanford oncology and ICU nurse, Casey, and her partner Thomas. Casey saw a need to improve quality of life in her patients suffering from chronic pain, tremors and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

    We prepare full-spectrum RSO oil in syringes and tablets for oral consumption. Our products allow for specific dosages required by many medical patients. All of our products are strain-specific Indica, Sativa, CBD, CBG and various Hybrids. Using a science-based approach, we tailor our products for individuals with a range of symptoms, ailments and conditions. 

    Emerald Bay Extracts develops products using pesticide-free, heavy metal-free, and microbial-free, triple-tested cannabis plants. Flower is hand-selected from small-batch farms in Mendocino, Humboldt and across the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Material is tested before entering our facility, and two more times before reaching the consumer. Our full-spectrum RSO oil is then packaged into 1 gram syringes, as well as 10mg, 25mg, 50mg tablets.

  • Q: What are the genetics of Harlequin GDP?

    A: Harlequin GDP is a cross of Harlequin, a famous CBD strain, and Granddaddy Purple (GDP). The result is a high-CBD hybrid that nonetheless offers considerable THC effects.


    Q: How does the CBD-to-THC ratio in Harlequin GDP impact its effects?

    A: Harlequin GDP offers a roughly balanced ratio of CBD to THC, which some users consider to be absolutely ideal for both relaxation and overcoming chronic pain. Due to its GDP parentage, this form of Harlequin will certainly get you a bit high, but the strain’s CBD roots won’t be outshone by a long shot.


    Q: What is the flavor profile of Harlequin GDP?

    A: With a tried-and-true terpene profile consisting mainly of myrcene, pinene, and limonene, Harlequin GDP smells and tastes primarily fruity and gassy. Notes of earthiness tend to emerge in the aftertaste.


    Q: Do the tablets have a noticeable flavor?

    A: No, when formulated into tablets, the unique flavors of specific cannabis strains become nearly undetectable. Our tablets are therefore best described as “flavorless,” though connoisseurs may be able to note slight flavor differences between tablets.


    Q: Has this product been lab-tested?

    A: All Emerald Bay products have been submitted for testing by a leading, independent cannabis lab at three separate points in the production process. To confirm no contaminants are present, we test cannabis at the farm prior to purchase. After processing cannabis into RSO, it is tested again to confirm initial results and ensure no pesticides or other contaminants are present. Products are then packaged for consumer sale, and the same independent lab visits our manufacturing facility to select random samples for potency, pesticide, heavy metal, mycotoxin, and residual solvent testing. Only after passing this final test are our products offered for sale.

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