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Mendo Sauce | Emerald Bay Extracts - 25mg Tablets - Balanced - 1000mg

Mendo Sauce | Emerald Bay Extracts - 25mg Tablets - Balanced - 1000mg


1000mg per Package | 25mg per Tablet | 40 Tablets per Package


As with any masterpiece, Mendo Sauce delivers a range of medicinal benefits that rival its sensory allure. With its full spectrum profile, this oil is a veritable pharmacopeia, offering a myriad of potential remedies. From pain management to anxiety relief, this versatile elixir can soothe the body and mind, granting respite to those in need. The harmonious interplay of cannabinoids and terpenes in Mendo Sauce nurtures a sense of well-being that transcends the realm of mere palliation. For those seeking adventure, Mendo Sauce transforms the great outdoors into an immersive sensory odyssey. Whether you're hiking through a verdant forest or strolling along the tranquil shores of a pristine lake, this elixir elevates your connection to nature, making every vista a masterpiece and every sound a symphony.

  • Emerald Bay Extracts was founded in 2017 by Stanford oncology and ICU nurse, Casey, and her partner Thomas. Casey saw a need to improve quality of life in her patients suffering from chronic pain, tremors and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

    We prepare full-spectrum RSO oil in syringes and tablets for oral consumption. Our products allow for specific dosages required by many medical patients. All of our products are strain-specific Indica, Sativa, CBD, CBG and various Hybrids. Using a science-based approach, we tailor our products for individuals with a range of symptoms, ailments and conditions. 

    Emerald Bay Extracts develops products using pesticide-free, heavy metal-free, and microbial-free, triple-tested cannabis plants. Flower is hand-selected from small-batch farms in Mendocino, Humboldt and across the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Material is tested before entering our facility, and two more times before reaching the consumer. Our full-spectrum RSO oil is then packaged into 1 gram syringes, as well as 10mg, 25mg, 50mg tablets.

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