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Sour Power OG | Kush Company 3.5g Jar (Indica)

Sour Power OG | Kush Company 3.5g Jar (Indica)

$65.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price


Kush Co’s Sour Power OG quickly rose up the ranks as our #1 strain. Bred by Karma Genetics and selected by us. This hybrid flower is made up of Karma’s Biker Kush crossed with HortiLab’s Sour Power. Biker Kush is a second backross of the HA-OG, a heavy OG Kush on yield, flavor, and strength! Sour Power, created by HortiLab seeds, is a heavy hitting combination of Star Bud with East Coast Sour Diesel. Smells like sour gas and taste just the same. Has a deep indica high

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